The Gyro Bowl versus Inigo the Destroyer

By this time, Inigo has used his gyro bowl about twenty times, but the durable BPA-free material has withstood it well so it still looks new.

The Loopa No-spill Gyro Bowl

 Inner Bowl Rotates 360 Degrees
Virtually Indestructible
BPA-Free Plastic
Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
Not Microwave Safe

2 for $14.99 at,
bought for P350 from Facebook online store (Christie Jane Urbiztondo)

The gyro bowl is a kid-proof, no-spill bowl that stays upright no matter which way you hold the bowl.  The secret is an inner bowl that rotates to an upright position so that the open end is always up.  This is made possible by its unique construction: a large outer ring supports an inner ring, which in turn supports the inner bowl.  The inner bowl is very sensitive to changes in orientation– it swings like a gyro so that while the outer ring opening faces a different direction, it just stays put.  An outer bowl serves to stabilize it, so that the bottom of the inner bowl does not touch anything.

Inigo is getting at that age when he would rather feed himself rather than have me do it for him.  And while I do like to encourage his independence, it does get a little old having to clean up after him.  Like a typical toddler, Inigo tends to walk around while having a snack, except when he is strapped in his high chair.  So when I saw that one of my favorite online shops on Facebook had the gyro bowl available for pre-order, I had one delivered.

The moment I got it out of the box, I tried to see whether the gyro bowl is indeed spill-proof.  Sure enough, it stayed upright no matter how fast you turn it.  I put in some hairclips and spent a few minutes playing with it.  Satisfied that it really does not spill, I finally washed it and put it to the ultimate test: field testing with Inigo the destroyer.

I put in some kernels of Chef Tony’s popcorn (Inigo’s favorite) in the gyro bowl, gave him a juice box and set him in a chair to watch cartoons while I was doing something else.  From time to time, I would check up on him to see how he was.  At the end of snack time, there were no popcorn kernels to clean up, despite the fact that Inigo moved quite a lot while watching TV.  The slideshow below shows how the gyro bowl adjusts to his different movements.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Over the past few days, Inigo or I have dropped the gyro bowl and it would get separated into three parts.  It’s easy to put back together though; you just turn the outer ring upside down, fit in the inner ring and the inner bowl at the notch, then screw in the outer bowl and it’s just as new again.  Sometimes, the inner bowl gets derailed from the notch and it does not rotate smoothly; I just snap it back in position.

I like the gyro bowl so much that I keep it in our bedroom so that it’s always ready when Inigo wants some finger snacks.  I also pack it when we go out, so that he can eat in the car without me having to worry about crumbs in the upholstery.  My only gripe is that it is rather large (about six inches across), so I can’t really fit it inside my shoulder bag.  It has to go in Inigo’s more roomy diaper bag from Baby Couture.

Verdict:  I wish they could come up with a gyro glass.


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