Cuts for Tots Kiddie Salon

So far,Inigo has had his haircut five times, and all of them has been done at the Cuts for Tots Kiddie Salon.  Cuts for Tots is a hair salon that specifically caters to customers 0 to 12 (and even older) and everything from their decor to the trained staff is kid-friendly indeed.

everything is kid-sized at Cuts for Tots, including their capes

First off, instead of having to sit in a conventional barber’s chair, kids having their hair cut are ensconced in plastic cars that are mounted on a hydraulic lift for adjustable height.  Each cutting station is positioned in front of a flat screen TV so kids can watch their favorite character or play a Vtech V. Smile game.

Haircuts are expertly trained barbers who make generous accommodations for their young clientele’s idiosyncrasies.  Kids naturally move around a lot during a haircut, but barbers understand this and they compensate by stopping the cut whenever they need to.  They are also very patient, and when they ask the kid to stay still, they do it with no trace of irritation in their voice or manner.

Kids are too busy watching or playing, they don't pay much attention to their haircut.

I just am amazed at how cleanly they can cut hair although Inigo (as well as other kids, I imagine) keeps turning his head this way and that.

A haircut at Cuts for Tots costs P295; it can seem rather steep when you consider that a typical salon charges only P75 to 150 but we choose pay extra because this salon offers a lot of things that a typical one can’t.  For one thing, in a typical salon, kids feel intimidated by the adult-sized cutting chairs so they tend to refuse to sit by themselves.  They do have a membership program which costs P100 a year and gives a 10% discount to members.

Mommy keeps a watchful eye, but there's actually not much need for that.

Many times, I have been in a salon where a kid is having his hair cut, and before I had Inigo I used to become irritated at the way they would cry and make a fuss although a haircut does not hurt at all.  Now, as a mom, I have become more sensitive to the many things that young children can find frightening and I am just glad that Cuts for Tots is there to make haircuts fun for Inigo.  He looks forward to haircuts, and in fact, would often scamper to go inside the salon.

I love this hair gel made especially for kids. Alcohol-free and non-sticky. A 115 ml bottle lasts forever.

This kiddie salon is just what a frazzled, hands-on mom needs.  Because it is fun, having his hair cut is one less thing my headstrong toddler and I have to argue about.

Additional amenities at Cuts for Tots include a changing station with a running sink, plus enough toys to keep your toddler happy while waiting for his turn.  And best of all (for Inigo) is the free treat that they get afterwards.  It could be a lollipop, or a toy windmill, or some other thingamajig.  (Editor’s Note: We just got a haircut today, and its just now that I remember that we forgot to get his treat.  Sorry, baby. -C.)

Cuts for Tots Hair Salon now has a Facebook account, and I think (I’m not sure) that they also put up a website as well.  Aside from the SM Block branch where Inigo is a member, they also have branches in Trinoma, SM Megamall, Glorietta, V-Mall, SM Mall of Asia and SM City Pampanga.

Inigo's First Haircut Certificate

BTW, if your kid will be having his first haircut, Cuts for Tots offers a First Haircut Certificate for an additional P195 on top of the haircut fee. The certificate features before and after pictures, and a lock of hair for posterity. It takes two weeks before you claim this, but Cuts for Tots is very good about texting you when it’s ready for pick-up.

Cuts for Tots partial list of services


3 Responses to “Cuts for Tots Kiddie Salon”

  1. Sofie Salvador-Morabe July 28, 2011 at 11:30 pm #

    oh thats expensive =) but why not!

    • theadventurousbitch July 28, 2011 at 11:47 pm #

      Well, Inigo gets his hair cut just once every three months, so the $295 is fairly affordable. The cost is justified when you consider that the alternative is a typical salon where he would just squirm and jump off the chair every once in a while. We save money in other ways, like Mommy never getting to buy the BB cream she longs for at Skin Food…

  2. Micheal Dedier August 2, 2011 at 4:11 am #

    Enjoyed reading this, very good stuff, thankyou .

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