“Fresh Produce” Sweet Pea Five-Piece Organic Layette Set Review

“Fresh Produce” Sweet Pea Five-Piece Organic Layette Set
Made of 100% Organic, Eco-Friendly Cotton
Blanket, Footed Pajamas, Hat, Bib and Cloth Rattle
Packaged in gift presentation
$49.99 from cornerstorkbabygifts.com

Fresh Produce Sweet Pea Layette Set

Product Description

This five-piece layette set from Corner Stork includes (1) a 24 ½” x 28 3/4 “ blanket, (2) a long-sleeved footed onesie, (3) a cap, (4) a bib and (5) a cloth rattle. It comes in gift presentation: authentic woven-wood basket 11” x 8 ½ “ x 7” (with handle), imprinted cloth ribbon tie, and hang tag

gift presentation

  • All of the items are made from 100% organic cotton, which the hang tag label proclaims as “Eco-Friendly”.
  • The fabric, which comes in soft beige, has sage green faux stitching on hems and borders. Each piece (except for the cloth rattle) has an imprint of the Sweet Pea graphic showing a small baby snuggled cozily in half of a pea pod.
  • The cloth rattle is green terry cloth, fashioned in the design of half a pea pod containing three peas.
  • Label information on the inside of the footed onesie says machine-washable.
  • Sized for 0-6 months.

Product Performance
The organic cotton fabric was high-quality and thick. It felt soft to the touch and holds its shape well even when pulled or crumpled. I tried yanking at the neckline and sleeve openings of the footed onesie, and found that it did not easily get deformed or lose elasticity. Nitpicking mom that I tend to be, one of my pet peeves is baby clothing that become stretched easily. I wanted to check if this was the case with the Fresh Produce layette set so I attempted to put it on my toddler, who at 18 months is admittedly too big for it. The idea is to pseudo-simulate the wear and tear it would normally receive after some usage. As my son wouldn’t cooperate, I had to do with a substitute, so I put it on a stuffed toy instead.

busting at the snaps

The front closure snaps lay flat and there were no sharp edges or irritating corners. They were easy to fasten but held tight, not likely to pop when baby makes sudden movements or strains. After taking it off Garfield, the footed onesie did not show any stretching whatsoever.

All of the pieces in this layette set were well-made, with regular and even stitching. The cloth rattle was particularly charming, and constructed so that it is not likely to unravel or come apart. I looked closely, but couldn’t find any visible stitches or seams.

Since cornerstorkbabygifts.com says that the layette set was machine-washable, I decided to test this claim. I threw in the bib with a load of laundry I was doing on the regular cycle. After the wash and dry cycle, the bib appeared none the worse for wear so I decided to let it ride for one more cycle. After round two, it emerged still looking as good as new.

The gift presentation looked deceptively fragile but it can withstand at least 27 lbs of weight for about ten seconds. I know this for a fact because my toddler decided to jump on it twice. He was actually going for jump #3 before I hurried to rescue the package, which was thankfully unharmed.

Overall, I like the Fresh Produce Five-Piece Organic Layette Set. Taken piece by piece, each item included in the set is made of superior fabric and crafted well. The organic cotton ensures that your delicate infant will not be exposed to chemicals commonly used in non-organic textiles.

The pea pod rattle is a nice touch, as I know that babies 0 to 6 months often find it soothing to chew on something. The cloth rattle appears able to withstand frequent washing, and the soft and hard parts can make it serve double-duty as a fabric teether later.

The neutral colors makes this layette set suitable as a gift for either boy or girl, perfect for shower parties where the sex of the baby is not announced beforehand, or not yet known to the parents. The gift presentation is nice as well. And in keeping with the eco-friendliness of the product, the woven-wood basket itself is sturdy enough to be reused.

VERDICT: Bitchin’ Mom approved.


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