I like trying out new stuff ad writing about it, whether it is a beauty product, a new resto, or something that is supposed to make like easier for me (and for Inigo,of course).  Reviews are a great way to share info and let your opinions be known.  So, in this section, learn from my mistakes and benefit from my great finds.  Happy reading!



All of the products reviewed in this section have been personally tested by me, and all of the statements published here are my own opinions, or those of others whose views I have solicited.  While some of these reviews may be sponsored ones, in that I have been provided with a free sample for review, I strongly uphold honesty in all of my evaluations.  Likewise, I would like to clarify that any positive or negative opinions I state does in no way construe itself as an official statement on behalf of the manufacturers.

If you intend to submit a product or service for review, please make sure that you agree with my Guidelines.  Suggesting your product or service is equal to agreement.

“Fresh Produce” Sweet Pea Five-Piece Organic Layette Set Review
VTech V-Smile Review


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