Mommy Matters

Who knew motherhood could take up so much of a woman’s time and effort? (Well, I have heard that it does take a lot of effort, but I just assumed that mothers just made too much of themselves– until I became one and found it out for myself.)

As a registered nurse, I thought taking care of Inigo would be a piece of cake.  Hahaha.

As an avid fashionista before I got married, I vowed having a kid won’t change how I took care of myself.  Har-de-har-har.

And a a true-blue bitchy girl (ask my friends!), I couldn’t imagine just how being a mom would bring out my mellower side, and make me reconsider life as I previously held it to be.  And as this blog attests to this fact comprehensively, I need not say any more.

As a first-time mom who finds great joy and fulfillment in being so blessed by Inigo, I find that the road ahead is a rather bumpy one, punctuated by worries about his health, his safety, his development, and all things that can affect him one way or another.  I hope that in these articles, fellow moms can find some glimmer of wisdom, hope, or whatever else I can offer.

5 Fun Things to do when You’re Pregnant and Want to go Outside

Gymboree vs Kindermusik Part 2

Gymboree vs Kindermusik Part 1

Green Clothing For Your Kids


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