Guidelines For Guest Posts 

  1. All of the content must be unique and will not be published anywhere else on the internet after being put up on my site.
  2. The guest writer agrees that some changes may be made to the article to improve its readability, correct some grammar or typos, or just to make it fit better into the theme of the blog.  However, the links included in the article will still be left intact.
  3. The webmaster will leave comments on the guest writer’s blog (s)to promote the site.  These comments will be approved by the guest blogger.  In return, will extend the same courtesy, as long as the comments are not offensive to any person, organization, or race.

Guidelines For Products Submitted for Review

  1. Products submitted for review shall be subject to an honest evaluation by  The webmaster does not commit to a guarantee of positive review for any product or service.
  2. In case of a highly negative review, will privately contact the person or agency who submitted the particular product.  He or she will be given the opportunity to evaluate the webmaster’s review prior to publication on the‘s blog.  He or she will have the option to take the following options:
  • Provide with another sample in order to get another chance at a better review, especially if the first sample was defective or not representative of the product in general;
  • Request that the negative product review simply be trashed, and instead, submit another product to be reviewed on the blog;
  • Request that the negative review not be published, Period.  Should you choose this option,  any links or mention of your product in the blog is entirely within the discretion of the webmaster.

The following guidelines are being implemented to make sure that my readers will benefit from accurate and honest opinions.  While a review is by its intents, subjective, I would not want to mislead anyone regarding a certain product.


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