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Getting it out there and loving it

13 Jun

I have always been shy as a kid– a fact that those who knew me only as an adult find hard to believe. There was always a certain self-consciousness to all my actions back then; and as other shy kids would understand, there was a longing to just be uninhibited.

Well, I grew up and realized that there was actually no need to be shy. No matter what your insecurities and weaknesses are, people are often too busy about their own ones to pay too much attention to yours. That is, if course, unless you make it a point to call their attention to your flaws.

I guess most people are just hesitant to claim their strengths, fearing that it may be perceived as being arrogant. In my ‘humble’ opinion, there is nothing wrong with this as long as you do it within reason and back it up with substance.

Probably, the most profound piece of revelation I have ever personally experienced is this: what other people think of my life is not nearly as important as what I think. So here it is, my very own blog– your glimpse into my thoughts and my life, warts and all. As the title goes, I am getting it out there and loving it.

Not bad for someone who used to be shy.