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And we have a WINNER for the designer layette giveaway!

2 Aug

I have just received notification that the poll for the designer giveaway has already been closed.  It was a close race between Kristine Edwards and Aya Sophia Panol, but Ms. Kristine Edwards emerges a victor by a close margin of 8 votes.  Considering that their total votes were in the 1300+, I have decided to award a consolation prize for Ms. Panol.  theadventurousbitch just got back in the house after a busy day, so I will just attend to my son, give him dinner and a bath, and put him to bed.  In the meantime, will the winner Kristine Edwards please get in touch with me so I can have her prize delivered.  The same goes for Ms. Panol– I need some details so I can see what loot would be most appropriate for her.

Thank you for all those who joined.  This will not be the last, and as more sponsors come in I will be giving away lots of fabulous prizes.  A PR firm for a cosmetics company has been considering whether or not to launch a promo through this site.  If all goes well, beauty products galore!


Contest Mechanics for the Designer Sweet Pea Layette Giveaway

17 Jul

sweet pea layette set from

This contest is open to everyone whether on Facebook or not.  To join, simply go to the comments section right under the date of this post– CHECK THE LEFT SIDE OF THIS PAGE– and type in your FB name (or if you don’t have one, your email address) along with this sentence: “I want to join!”  Click on the Facebook LIKE button on this page to make sure that you get updates for this contest.  The prize, a top-tier designer layette set currently retails for $49.99 at

After the prescribed period for registration (July 26, 2011) I would be compiling all the participants’ name in a poll form.

I would provide you with a link for this poll form either through your FB wall or your email address.  You can share this link through FB, forward this e-mail, or do whatever is necessary to get as many people to vote for you to win.  Voting on this poll form will automatically expire seven days after the creation of the poll form.  At any given time, you can check your current standing against any other participant.  Voting can be done through FB or directly through this blog.  Either way is fine by me, as long as the poll form reflects your votes.  You can campaign, beg, blackmail or coerce people to vote for you at your own discretion.

The participant with the most number of votes will get the prize.  I will be contacting the winner to get the shipping details within 72 hours after the poll ends.  The prize will be shipped through LBC (because they have a branch two minutes away from the house) and as long as it is within the Philippines, the adventurousbitch will shoulder the shipping fee.

For Product Information on this designer layette being given as prize, check out the store website.

BTW, this will be just the first of many contests where you can win such glam prizes.  Keep posted by clicking the Facebook Like button at this page or subscribing to my blog.