Inigo loves frozen yogurt

2 Aug

playing with the chimes at Yogurt Froz

After a day of running errands, Mommy, Daddy and Inigo stopover for a froyo break at T. Morato.  Inigo is one of the rare kids who would prefer frozen yogurt to ice cream, and I am attributing it to the fact that I ate froyo a lot during my pregnancy.  Also, being breastfed up to now, he has probably acquired a taste for its tartness, since it is a known fact that the taste of foods consumed by a lactating mom often makes its way into her milk.




You can't come between a boy and his froyo

It is also a wonderful thing that at 1 1/2 years old, Inigo can already use a spoon by himself.  Ever a sweet boy, he makes sure that Mommy also eats by feeding me.  Probably payback for all the times when I was the one who would spoonfeed him.  I adore how he checks in, by asking me “Okay? Okay?”  He sure is growing up fast…

after the siege







At the end of this post is a link to Inigo’s video. Meanwhile, this was how the yogurt cup ended after Ego wound up eating almost all of it himself. Note that it is a large cup– that tummy does have a lot of space! Sorry for the picture and video quality, but Inigo played with the digicam before and drained all the batteries so I had to make do with my crappy camera phone.

Inigo’s video


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