And we have a WINNER for the designer layette giveaway!

2 Aug

I have just received notification that the poll for the designer giveaway has already been closed.  It was a close race between Kristine Edwards and Aya Sophia Panol, but Ms. Kristine Edwards emerges a victor by a close margin of 8 votes.  Considering that their total votes were in the 1300+, I have decided to award a consolation prize for Ms. Panol.  theadventurousbitch just got back in the house after a busy day, so I will just attend to my son, give him dinner and a bath, and put him to bed.  In the meantime, will the winner Kristine Edwards please get in touch with me so I can have her prize delivered.  The same goes for Ms. Panol– I need some details so I can see what loot would be most appropriate for her.

Thank you for all those who joined.  This will not be the last, and as more sponsors come in I will be giving away lots of fabulous prizes.  A PR firm for a cosmetics company has been considering whether or not to launch a promo through this site.  If all goes well, beauty products galore!


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