Parenting Survey? Pass!

31 Jul

I was online browsing for references for an article I was writing for a client when I received a survey asking me to input some data for a parenting research.  It asked me to provide some information about me and my kid. I declined to answer the survey, fearing that it would eschew their sample and thus mess up their study.  Here is why:

How many children do you have?

Just one, but sometimes I think I have eight, judging by how expensive he is to maintain and by the amount of mess he makes.


How old is/ are your child/ren?  

He is 19 months old, but he has the ability to pester me like a preschooler.  And judging my his ability to consistently waste the most expensive product on my vanity, he could climb like  a teenage chimp.


How many hours do you spend taking care of him?

How many hours do I not spend taking care of him?


What range does your personal income fall in?

 I have none; it all automatically pays out to the Inigo fund


How many hours of sleep do you get at night?

None, I get to sleep when the sun is already up, and I get micronaps in the brief seconds that the Spongebob theme plays on TV, during which my son goes into a trance so I can rest.


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