Mommy and Inigo's Ordinary Afternoon

29 Jul

Warning: this is an ego-centric post.  Only for family, friends and avid Inigo fans.  Written due to insistent private demand.

An ordinary afternoon with Inigo means that we don’t go out.  Since our bedroom is the only kid-friendly space in the house where he can roam with minimal supervision, it is where I put him when I need to have something done.  In this case, it was time to tidy the room.

Now, I may be busy, and there are times when I cut corners just to buy some time but one thing I don’t compromise on is keeping the bedroom clean.  This is where Inigo spends a lot of time, and when the room is dirty he gets dirty and I absolutely hate that.  So with some snacks on hand, I sit him on a chair and proceed to pick up all the mess (which is mostly his doing).  He seems content, so I start getting the room straightened up.  

After a while, the Garfield show comes on, and he lets me know by saying “Mommy, mommy, mommy!” in excited tones that progressively becomes more shrill.  This means that I have to stop and get Garfield and Odie so they can sit beside him and watch together.  Once in a while, he would laugh at the cartoons.

Now, I happened to glance at him and I saw that he had this characteristic smile that means he is prepping to do mischief.

Sure enough, he has thought of a game: hiding from Mommy.

Now, he has done it before, and the first time he did it, I was frantic because I had my contacts off so I couldn’t really see.  All I could hear was him giggling.  I serached high and low, opening closets and looking under cabinets.  This time, since I know where he is, I just let him have his giggles and play along.  I wonder aloud: “Where’s Inigo?  Has anyone seen Inigo?”  This excites him so much he keeps rolling around, until he gets stuck by the side of the mattress and hollers for me to help him.

So I extricate him, and five minutes later, the room is all messed up again.

And that, I have come to accept, is par for the course.

Postscript: This post is intended to cheer up my favorite uncle in the world.  Sure hope this does the trick.


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