4 Ways to Good Mouse Control

28 Jul

I am not scared of spiders, cockroaches, or any other bugs but mice and rats are something else entirely.  It’s not so much that I find them scary per se but I am scared of the diseases that they bring.  For one thing, rodents can easily transmit rabies if they bite or scratch you.  And their pee can cause you to get a potentially fatal infectious disease called Leptospirosis.  And of course, let’s not forget that mice and rats love to destroy clothes too.  I hate them, really.  For this reason, this guest post by Michelle Anderson seemed interesting to me.

Ahh, you have a mouse problem. Don’t feel alone or ashamed. Even really clean houses can fall victim to these unwanted houseguests.

If you have mice in your house, try these mouse control methods to stop the invasion.

Solution 1: Electronic Mouse Trap

The electronic mouse traps I’m talking about are the ones that kill mice with an electric shock.

There are a bunch of models available, but the popular ones is the kind that kills a bunch of mice before it needs to be emptied. Some have drawers that hold up to even 10 mice. You set the trap once and let it do its magic on 10 mice.

These electronic mouse traps are really effective at mouse control. In fact, the best ones have a 100% kill rate. That means the mice don’t escape from the trap. How great is that?

Plus, they’re humane. The mice are killed quickly, unlike traditional snap traps.

Solution 2: Ultrasonic Devices

 There are ultrasonic devices available today that do a really good job of annoying the crap out of rodents. They run away from the sound, keeping them out of your house.

To make sure you get the ultrasonic devices that work the best, look for ones that have had years of laboratory research and field testing. You’ll also want to check oscillations. At least 80 oscillations work well at annoying the rodents. The sound creates an auditory stress on them. Finally, make sure the ultrasonic device has a non-repetitive pattern. That way there’s no chance the rodents will ever get used to the sound.


Solution 3: Mouse Traps

 There are a slew of mouse and rat traps to choose from. How do you choose?

We’ll, if you want to catch and release the mice, look for one that can be used over and over again. Typically a home will have more than one mouse. You need a mouse trap to catch all the mice currently in your house. Some good trap-and-release traps will work for 30 trappings before you ever need to dispose of them.

Now, you may be thinking “why would I just release it for it to run back in my house again?” I can understand your thinking. However, it shouldn’t be just that one mouse you are worried about returning. It should be the fact one mouse could get into your house, which means the many more mice outside can get in as well.

With all forms of mouse control, you want to do solution 4 to ensure future infestations don’t occur.

Solution 4: Keep Mice Out

 To keep mice out of your house, you’ll want to plug any holes over ¼”. Take a look at your vents, utilities, wiring. Any hole shining light should be plugged.

Grab some caulk and mix it with steel wool. Plug the holes to ensure once you get them out, they can’t get back in.

Post by guest blogger Michelle Anderson, a writer who enjoys blogging about all things mouse control, including humane mouse traps.


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