Enhancing your Space with Home Accessories

26 Jul

Accessories can enhance an outfit and take it to another level, and accessorizing can work your living space too.  If your house needs something extra to take it from blah-blah to graceful, read this post on how to accessorize your home.

Decorative Accessories: Choose from a variety of accessories that will look great around the house!

Accessories give your home a lived in and often, an exotic look that makes the home seem to be one of travellers. Being a collector of beautiful objets d’art does not have to be expensive; there are many affordable accessories that will add timeless beauty to a living room, entry or office. Decorative accessories can also be a wonderful addition to a company or corporate office or doctor’s waiting room, where they will be noticed and appreciated.

Exotic Sculpture

A modern look of sculpture art can add a touch of history and elegance to a home or office. For example, Bellacor sells a sculpture called Red Jasper Ming Hong that is just beautiful and would fit in any modern decor. Perforated discs made of semi precious stones in a style that dates back in history. The hole represents a gate to the afterlife. Thought to provide the owner with a bountiful life, protection from harm, and safety in travel, this sculpture is a classic and will enhance an office or home with its simple decor. Moreover, it has been deeply discounted and is very affordable.

Another absolutely fantastic accessory is a Mitrani & Company Oversize Wide Clay Pot. One of a kind and made by skilled artisans, these pots were used in the Turkish countryside to store olives, grains, oils and more. One of these pots will bring the look of the Mediterranean to your home or office. They stand at 29 inches tall. A discount makes this an affordable enhancement.

Asian Jars and More

Beautiful jars include the White Crackle Jar with Bronze Lid Large, a wonderful Asian touch to any home or office.
Another from the same collection is the Tozai Home Large Blue and White Jar with Bronze Lid. It has an intricate blue motif decoration. Place this near a Set of Four Carved Indian Goddess Statues, for the ultimate in Asian decor.

This post was contributed by Alex Glennon, contributing editor for Bellacor.  Bellacor has a stunning array of decor at affordable and discounted prices. They are decorative accessories that will add beauty and elegance to a home or office, as well as the style and distinction of crafted art.


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