5 Great Engagement Ring Trends For 2011

24 Jul

Buying that special someone in your life an engagement ring is important for so many reasons. This is not just a piece of jewelry, but the most important piece of jewelry she will wear for the rest of her life. The ring symbolizes love, commitment, strength, and should be able to be worn every day. Combining the romantic with the practical and the individual with the trends is what everyone should be looking to do when buying an engagement ring. That special woman is unique, therefore her ring needs to be special as well.

You may think that trends are something you want to stay away from. And depending on the kind of engagement ring you want, this may be the best direction. But for most of those shopping for an engagement ring, the trends are a great place to start and find what is both beautiful and current. Knowing the major trends and being on the edge of fashion will make you look even better when you present the amazing ring to the woman you love. To help get you started, here are 5 great trends for engagement rings in 2011.

Make sure that the ring fits the personality of the wearer.

If you pay attention to celebrity magazines and TMZ, you’ll notice that in recent years colored diamonds have come to the forefront of the celebrity engagement ring. Stars like J-Lo have opted for rings that have pink or yellow canary diamonds rather than pure, colorless “white” diamonds. But keep in mind that nothing says classic and stunning like a beautiful colorless white diamond. These will always be in fashion, and have started to make a major comeback.

Vintage rings have a sophisticated appeal.

Come on, vintage is cool. Hipsters have taken over the world and everything from vintage clothing to vintage jewelry has become popular. 2011 has seen plenty of vintage style engagement rings come to the jewelry scene. Sometimes acquiring something unique means looking to the past for inspiration and that’s just what vintage engagement rings offer. These can have very intricate filigree designs, interesting and uncommon shaped center stones, and completely custom settings. Just remember, if you are looking to buy a genuine vintage engagement ring, make sure to go to a reputable dealer and have the ring authenticated before buying.

3. Conflict-Free Diamonds

Anything to help the environment and humanity is great. And this is why conflict-free diamonds have become so popular. As always, it is celebrities, like actress Natalie Portman for example, who are paving the way for this latest trend in engagement rings. When you see the words “conflict-free diamonds,” this means that the diamonds were mined with a minimal amount of environmental damage and impact, while also being mined under peaceful conditions. This has become a hot topic and an ever increasing trend since the famous movie about conflict diamonds, “Blood Diamond,” with Leonardo DiCaprio, came out.

Nothing is simpler than a beautiful solitaire diamond.

Big, gaudy jewelry is on its way out, while simple, tasteful jewelry is on the rise. Classic, solitaire engagement rings, or even simple multi-stone rings and settings are more popular than ever before. This is for two reasons. One, everyone is feeling the pressure of a poor economy, therefore spending as much as you might have in the past on something like an engagement ring might not be a reality. And two, the statement of “less is more” now applies to jewelry. Keep it simple and elegant, and this trend will continue to look great forever.

5. La Vie En Rose

Rose gold, which is an alloy of yellow gold and copper, is one of the more popular and trendy options when choosing metal for an engagement ring. This has been a popular choice for years for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, but it has only started to become a great option for engagement rings. Rose gold offers a unique combination of vintage flair, with a modern twist, especially as it is typically used as an accent in the ring, rather than the whole setting. The rose gold ring is sophisticated, while also having a real Art Deco and romantic feel.

Finding the perfect engagement ring is both a challenge and an adventure. Keeping an eye on these and all the trends that emerge will help keep your finger on the pulse of contemporary engagement rings.

This gues postb was written by Chris Larue.  Chris  writes for Adiamor Engagement Rings, where you can find loose diamonds, engagement settings, and other fine diamond jewelry at affordable prices.


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