Great Ideas for the Bride’s “Something Blue”

22 Jul

Here is an interesting piece of trivia: on my wedding day, one of my ‘something blue” was a pair of undies lent to me by Jay’s Mommy Eva (LOL)…  If you are going to be a bride soon, by all means plan ahead.  This guest post should give you some great ideas.

brooch with blue jujubes

Every bride knows the old custom: she needs something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. In case you were wondering about the reason behind the tradition, the color blue symbolizes fidelity. The “something blue” part often calls for the most creativity, but that only makes it even more fun to pick. Get great ideas here for the bride’s something blue.

The blue item that the bride chooses for her wedding day can be almost anything, as long as she wears it or carries it. It can be something quite obvious, such as a baby blue sash on the bridal gown, or something that no one will see, like a blue monogram stitched inside the wedding dress. Sometimes the blue item can also serve double duty as an old or borrowed part of the good luck package. For instance, if your grandmother has a lovely white linen hankie embroidered with blue forget-me-nots, it would be both blue and borrowed (and maybe even old too, for that matter).

Editor’s Note:  If you watched the movie In her Shoes, Toni Colette wears the same wedding shoes worn by her grandma (Shirley McLaine) when she got married.  It was something borrowed, old, new and blue at the same time – C.)

blue faux pearls

Wedding Jewelry

Jewelry is a terrific way to get a hint of something blue into your bridal ensemble. Order custom bridal jewelry made with your favorite shade of blue crystals. Sapphire blue crystals would be gorgeous for a September wedding, pale blue pretty for spring, and aqua fun for summer. Blue crystal chandelier earrings would be a fabulous accessory with a strapless wedding gown. If you want just a little bit of blue, custom pearl bridal jewelry can be made with a light blue crystals arranged between classic white pearls. It all depends on how boldly you want to display your something blue.

blue garter

Bridal Garter

A lot of brides like to have their something blue under their bridal gown. The garter is one of the most common items on which to stitch a blue ribbon or bow. Brides often opt to have two garters – one for tossing and one to keep as a wedding memento. Adding a blue bow or tiny fabric flower to a store bought white garter is a super easy DIY project if you don’t find a blue garter that you like. Undergarments are another good way to wear something blue. Pretty blue panties made especially for brides are available at a number of stores. Just be absolutely certain that the blue will not show through your white wedding gown! Have a bridesmaid check you out in very bright sunlight if there is any question.

These Swaroski flower pins add a nice and subtle touch to your bridal hairdo.

Swarovski crystals

A very chic idea for your something blue is to have a message added to the sole of your shoes in blue crystals. This works only for high heel shoes, so that the crystals are not actually being stepped upon. You could do your wedding date, your initials on the sole of one shoe and your fiance’s on the other shoe, or just an outline of a heart. This is one of those little details that everyone will absolutely adore when they see it. Brides who really want to make a statement can even opt for shoes which are entirely covered in dazzling blue Swarovski crystals! They can be purchased online for a pretty penny, or if you are adventurous, you can add the crystals to a pair of shoes yourself.

blue fabric rose

A final idea for your something blue is to carry blue flowers in your bouquet or tie a white floral bouquet with a baby blue ribbon. Or you could have your florist embellish the centers of white blossoms with tiny blue crystals. Still not sure what to choose for your something blue? You can always do what I did, and just paint your toenails Tiffany blue!

Guest writer Bridget Mora loves all the traditions and customs surrounding weddings. In her articles for Silverland Jewelry, she helps brides with ideas for the perfect custom bridal jewelry, wedding gowns, and much more.

Editor’s Postscript:  If you have the personality to pull it off, you can even go with a blue bridal gown.  Now that is sure to make an impact.  Check out another feature here in this blog featuring a blue wedding dress.


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