5 Fun Things to Do When You’re Pregnant and Want to Go Outside

21 Jul

I remember how uncomfortable I was when I was pregnant.  Although mine was a very healthy pregnancy, it still took a toll on my energy levels.  Towards the end of your pregnancy, just getting up off the couch can be difficult.  Walking can take a major effort, especially during the hot summer months.  However, keeping yourself shut up in the house is not really that healthy, especially for your state of mind.  Impending motherhood is already stressful enough, so having some downtime before the baby arrives will allow you to cope better.  If you are having complications, you might have a lot of restrictions on your activities, but you can still take a breather once in while to preserve your sanity as long as you take the proper precautions.

1.  Go Shopping

Yes–really. Just getting out of the house and looking at things is helpful for your mental and emotional state. And with a lot of baby stuff that needs to be prepared, you finally have a good excuse to shop!  Don’t turn it into a marathon spree though, like what you used to do pre-pregnancy; take frequent rests, don’t carry heavy bags, and hydrate all throughout.

2.  Go outside and read

If you are on restrictions and can not drive, this is a great way to get out but still obey the doctor’s orders.  Sit in a quiet part of the yard and enjoy the scenery or read a good book.  Other expectant mothers may enjoy sitting on the porch and chatting with the neighbors.

3.  Go out to eat

This is actually a great idea for several reasons. First of all, cooking can make some pregnant women nauseous at the end of their pregnancy.  On the other hand, it is nice to have someone wait on you and to be able to enjoy a meal in peace. Cherish it–when your little one arrives, mealtimes will be crazy!

4.  Take a trip to the coffeeshop

This is a great way to get out and relax at the same time.  Most coffee shops have comfortable chairs which is very nice especially when you are pregnant and very uncomfortable. You can even take your laptop and just spend some time surfing the web or conversing with the other patrons. Just remember to watch the caffeine; order something decaf like hot cocoa or a smoothie.

5.  Get pampered 

This is a great way to get out and to relax at the same time.  Have your nails done or or get a massage.  If you decide to schedule a massage though, just be sure that the establishment is experienced with prenatal massage.  If you really don’t like the idea of people touching your pregnant body, you can request a foot massage instead but just make sure that the therapist is aware of which pressure points to avoid, or she could trigger early labor.

These are just some suggestions that have worked for me.  If these things don’t sound interesting to you, then start to think of things that you might like.  Of course, keep in mind any limitations that you may have due to medical conditions.  It is frustrating to not be able to do the things you want, but remember that it is just a temporary thing!

A lot of people you didn’t talk to for a long time would probably be very happy to know you’re pregnant. It might be a good idea to start searching people and re-connect with some of them (even online). That should definitely kill some boredom for a start.


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