Important Questions to Ask in a Plastic Surgery Consultation

20 Jul

Although most people commonly believe that plastic surgery is synonymous with cosmetic surgery, this is not necessarily the case.  Plastic surgery is actually concerned with restoring the form or function of a certain body part and it may be performed with or without the intention of improving its aesthetics.  Some samples of plastic surgery include correcting cleft palates, or remodelling a deformity.  Cosmetic surgery is merely one of the medical sub-specialties under plastic surgery. In this post, a licensed plastic surgeon practicing in New Jersey, USA gives some valuable pointers.

Finding the right plastic surgeon means asking the right questions. Below is a list of five such questions that are a good start to examining the credentials of a plastic surgeon.

1. Are You Certified by Any Medical Boards?

The first question that people contemplating plastic surgery will want to ask the plastic surgeons they are considering hiring is if they are board certified. Although there are several plastic surgery certification boards, the most prestigious one for plastic surgeons is the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc. The board works to ensure that all plastic surgeons who seek to become certified are capable of  practicing their profession with the utmost ethical standards. They have high expectations for their plastic surgeons’ education, and they have these surgeons demonstrate that they have had the best training by administering intense examinations.

2. How Often Do You Perform the Procedure?

Another great question to ask is how many times that a plastic surgeon has performed the surgery that the patient desires to have. Plastic surgeons who are not experienced in performing the particular procedure that the patient needs done may not be the best choice. It would not mean that the plastic surgeon is not a good one, but that this particular surgeon may have more expertise in other areas. The best plastic surgeon is someone who has done the procedure enough times to have perfected a technique and who performs the procedure on a regular basis.

3. Are There Any Risks Associated with the Procedure?

Anyone thinking of undergoing plastic surgery needs to consider the risks that are involved. Each particular surgery carries its own risks, but patients also have to concern themselves with the risks of surgery in general. With all surgeries, patients are susceptible to the risk of infections and losing too much blood, but some procedures will present more risks to some patients than others. For this reason, patients need to ask their plastic surgeons if they belong to the group of people who are considered high risk for a particular operation.

4. Where Do You Perform the Surgery?

Plastic surgery procedures can be performed in different venues, so patients need to ask where their procedure will be done. Surgeons will either need to operate in a hospital, a surgical center or in their own offices. Where the surgery will be done will depend on several factors including how complicated the surgery will be or how likely the patients will be to experience complications due to their health.

5. Do You Have the Ability to Do the Surgery in a Hospital?

Although the surgery may be done in the surgeons’ offices, the patient will want to know that their surgeons have the ability to operate at the nearest hospital. Complications may arise at any point during the surgical procedure and the patient may need to be taken to the hospital. Patients who know that their surgeons will be able to accompany them to the hospital for further treatment will feel more secure in having their surgeries done by those with hospital privileges.

Dr. Parham Ganchi is a Harvard trained, double board-certified plastic surgeon in New Jersey.


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