My email has been hacked!

19 Jul

With my site stats going so well (my Alexa rank moved from 9M to 3M in just 5 days, plus 46% of my readership is in the US) it was with pleasurable anticipation that I opened an email message from someone in PR who is considering my blog for sponsorship. Imagine my dismay when the message turns out to be a disapproving note about me spamming her.

Bad hacker! Bad! Grrrrr!

Apparently, my email address has been hacked again, and someone is accessing my contacts to send annoying promo messages. This activity is not reflected in my SENT folder. I only found out because one of these spam emails failed to push through, prompting a mailer daemon to be sent to my inbox.

With sinking heart, I rattled off an apology to this person in PR, only to find that she has already blocked me from sending her any more messages. Can’t say I blame her. After all, she is a woman after my own “bitchiness” (this is meant as a compliment). In her shoes, I would do the same, as I do not stand for anything I did not ask for.

Since my email address is used for virtually anything, I shudder to think of the ramifications…

Receiving and sending emails presents no problem– it’s just that I seem to be sending more than I intend to. I already reported this to Yahoo, but since this has happened before I have lost faith. I would just use another account from now on, though this change would have to be done gradually.

In the meantime, I am busy with damage control.


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