My IPL Hair Removal Experience – Part 2

17 Jul

In My IPL Laser Hair Removal Experience- Part 1, I detailed the research that I did prior to deciding to go through with electrolysis hair removal for underarms.  I now continue where I left off.

Like I said, four days after my first IPL session, I could pull out the hair on my underarms using gentle pressure from my fingertips.  After that, most of the hair did not grow back at all, while a few strands here and there grew in light and thin.  My second IPL hair removal session was scheduled three weeks after the first one, and I did not shave at all in between, but I could have worn a tank top without embarrassment because the sparse hair growth was not really that noticeable unless you got very close.

The second IPL hair removal session was just like the first.  The same procedure of cleaning the skin, putting on the gel, wearing the goggles and closing the eyes, then wiping off the gel afterwards.  As the laser goes off, there is a slight sensation of heat, but it does not hurt at all.

As I am writing this article, it has been six weeks after my 2nd session.  I am actually three weeks overdue for the 3rd one  but nanny-less that I am, setting up an appointment takes a lot of coordination and tactical planning.  My underarms are still mostly bald though, despite not shaving at all.  The very few hairs that have grown in are now about 1 cm in length, but still very light.  However, most women by this time, would have thicker growth, according to what my technician had told me to expect.

By the way, I should probably clarify that laser hair removal is different from IPL or intense pulsed light.  However, the mechanics and the result is basically the same, so I leave it to the experts to distinguish between the two.  For the purpose of this post, I use them interchangeably.

I will continue to share the result of session 3 to 6, but not as detailed as the first two sessions, since it will probably be just more of the same.  Given the rate that I’m getting through the sessions, session 6 will probably be done by October or more likely, November.  Till then!


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