Brightly-Colored Wedding Dresses? Why Not?

15 Jul

my sister, the beautiful bride

Most brides will choose to wear a white wedding dress to a formal wedding, especially if it is her first time to get married. It is very rare to see a blushing bride walking down the aisle in any other color. When I got married, I myself chose to wear white—as did my sister who just recently wedded– although the fashion adventuress in me always wondered if it would be a good idea to wear an ice blue wedding gown. After all, a bride is supposed to wear something blue for good luck.

Here in the Philippines, the most daring that a bride would do with the color of her wedding gown is to choose a shade other than pure white. She may decide to go with variations like oyster, cream, ecru, or champagne but often in a very light shade that does not really stray very far from being white. It is a rare woman indeed who can wear something bright and bold to her ceremony.

Despite wanting to be unique, I was afraid of wearing a color other than white because of lack of options. For one thing, all of the online wedding sites and bridal magazines that I browsed through featured gowns in white, white, and white except for those intended for bridesmaids. I couldn’t find a colored gown that looked bridal yet sophisticated, and I was hardly going to start experimenting on such as important occasion.

At the back of my mind though, the fashionista in me wonders what could have been. This is precisely the reason why this post by Sherry tickled my fancy:

Why not say goodbye to simple white wedding dresses and take the plunge to wear something more daring? Brightly-colored wedding dresses make for a graceful and fashionable bride. Here, we introduce you to 6 candy-colored gowns that will make you stand out and highlight your physical attributes. If you happen to be a woman who is confident enough to depart from tradition, why not give it a try? Choose from any one of these brightly-colored wedding dresses:

Rose holds the power to catch the eye. The color exudes a vibrantly youthful glow, which is why this color is best suited for a bride who has a bright personality. Flamboyant rose also symbolizes love, which goes perfectly with a wedding. Look elegant and cool in this one-shouldered gown reminiscent of Scarlett O’Hara.

Yellow is a color best suited for a bride who possesses a white complexion. When wearing a bright shade of yellow, a woman looks light, youthful, and confident. Warm yellow, on the other hand, can express the bride’s gentle and optimistic temperament. This floor length yellow wedding gown with spaghetti straps can make any bride feel like a princess.

Red symbolizes luck and prosperity. To put on a red wedding gown like this one on a most memorable date can bring charm and a festive touch to your big day. What’s more, it makes the bride seem like a queen, charming the crowd with a sense of irresistible luxury. A woman wearing red looks sensual and sophisticated, setting her apart from her more immature counterparts.

Pink feels innocent, romantic, tender and cute. A pink one-shoulder wedding dress like this one allows you to be a bit daring while still letting you enjoy feeling like a sweet and feminine bride.

Purple makes the bride seem mysterious, passionate, romantic, graceful, dignified and elegant. Purple evokes words such as these, because it is a color most often associated with royalty and being regal. You never really appreciate how good a purple wedding dress can look until you try one on.

Blue is a symbol for wisdom and reason. It stands for the ocean and sky. This strapless wedding gown can exactly accentuate the tolerant, innocent, clear and generous heart of the bride.

Bright candy-colored wedding dresses are a new trend bound to be appreciated by the modern bride.

Author Bio: Sherry is interested in costume making, as well as anything that has to do with fashion. Check out her wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses ideas on her blog.


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