And we have a WINNER for the designer layette giveaway!

2 Aug

I have just received notification that the poll for the designer giveaway has already been closed.  It was a close race between Kristine Edwards and Aya Sophia Panol, but Ms. Kristine Edwards emerges a victor by a close margin of 8 votes.  Considering that their total votes were in the 1300+, I have decided to award a consolation prize for Ms. Panol.  theadventurousbitch just got back in the house after a busy day, so I will just attend to my son, give him dinner and a bath, and put him to bed.  In the meantime, will the winner Kristine Edwards please get in touch with me so I can have her prize delivered.  The same goes for Ms. Panol– I need some details so I can see what loot would be most appropriate for her.

Thank you for all those who joined.  This will not be the last, and as more sponsors come in I will be giving away lots of fabulous prizes.  A PR firm for a cosmetics company has been considering whether or not to launch a promo through this site.  If all goes well, beauty products galore!


Inigo loves frozen yogurt

2 Aug

playing with the chimes at Yogurt Froz

After a day of running errands, Mommy, Daddy and Inigo stopover for a froyo break at T. Morato.  Inigo is one of the rare kids who would prefer frozen yogurt to ice cream, and I am attributing it to the fact that I ate froyo a lot during my pregnancy.  Also, being breastfed up to now, he has probably acquired a taste for its tartness, since it is a known fact that the taste of foods consumed by a lactating mom often makes its way into her milk.




You can't come between a boy and his froyo

It is also a wonderful thing that at 1 1/2 years old, Inigo can already use a spoon by himself.  Ever a sweet boy, he makes sure that Mommy also eats by feeding me.  Probably payback for all the times when I was the one who would spoonfeed him.  I adore how he checks in, by asking me “Okay? Okay?”  He sure is growing up fast…

after the siege







At the end of this post is a link to Inigo’s video. Meanwhile, this was how the yogurt cup ended after Ego wound up eating almost all of it himself. Note that it is a large cup– that tummy does have a lot of space! Sorry for the picture and video quality, but Inigo played with the digicam before and drained all the batteries so I had to make do with my crappy camera phone.

Inigo’s video

Parenting Survey? Pass!

31 Jul

I was online browsing for references for an article I was writing for a client when I received a survey asking me to input some data for a parenting research.  It asked me to provide some information about me and my kid. I declined to answer the survey, fearing that it would eschew their sample and thus mess up their study.  Here is why: Continue reading

No-spill Bowl for Inigo

31 Jul

One of the better uses I have found for my hard-earned money is Inigo’s Loopa Gyro Bowl.  Read the full review where Inigo the Destroyer, certified Chef Tony’s popcorn lover puts it to the test: The Gyro Bowl versus Inigo the Destroyer.

All Your Bridesmaid Drama Solved!

31 Jul

Bridemaid AUnt Karen took care of Inigo when Mommy was busy with Maid of Honor duties. No drama there.

Ugh – almost every bride has been faced with it: drama from her wedding party. From infighting to unenthusiastic attendants to jealousy, there are many problems that can crop up. Learn how to resolve some of the most common types of bridesmaid drama. Continue reading

Coping with Single Parenthood

30 Jul

I consider myself a single parent, despite being legally married (in a church and all) for several practical reasons.  First, my son and I live in a separate home from his dad; second, I no longer concern myself with whatever (whoever?)  my (ex?) husband chooses to do in his spare time; and three, when push comes to shove, I am the one who must adjust and accommodate to make sure that Inigo gets taken care of.  Continue reading

Mommy and Inigo's Ordinary Afternoon

29 Jul

Warning: this is an ego-centric post.  Only for family, friends and avid Inigo fans.  Written due to insistent private demand. Continue reading

Mommy and Inigo’s Ordinary Afternoon

29 Jul

Warning: this is an ego-centric post.  Only for family, friends and avid Inigo fans.  Written due to insistent private demand. Continue reading

4 Ways to Good Mouse Control

28 Jul

I am not scared of spiders, cockroaches, or any other bugs but mice and rats are something else entirely.  It’s not so much that I find them scary per se but I am scared of the diseases that they bring.  For one thing, rodents can easily transmit rabies if they bite or scratch you.  And their pee can cause you to get a potentially fatal infectious disease called Leptospirosis.  And of course, let’s not forget that mice and rats love to destroy clothes too.  I hate them, really.  For this reason, this guest post by Michelle Anderson seemed interesting to me.

Ahh, you have a mouse problem. Don’t feel alone or ashamed. Even really clean houses can fall victim to these unwanted houseguests.

If you have mice in your house, try these mouse control methods to stop the invasion. Continue reading

5 Things to Avoid when in Debt

28 Jul

Nobody wants to get into a debt problem but it is becoming the norm these days. You may not have intended to be indebted in the past, but here you are, in a problematic debt situation. Is debt becoming a major problem? The best strategy to emerge out from this unlikely condition is to have the determination and the resolve to get out of it.

If you are in debt, you should be careful that your actions do not make your circumstances worse. Here are five things you should avoid for debt relief. Continue reading